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Amuse Bouche - "The beginning of the end of time"

As the Kingdom comes to an end, diners taste a flavour that evokes autumn.  Derived from the Latin word "fall" - the 'fall' of the kingdom is symbolised through mushroom/funghi.  A delicate mushroom croquette sets the scene with a subtle date and tamarind sauce.


Starter - "Fear through fog"

The emotion of fear is evoked in the next course, as liquid nitrogen is used in front of the diners creating a foggy and fearful scene.  A warm, white chickpea broth is served while diners are spoken to from their bowl and 'smokey ice cubes' light up their soup through the mist and fog.


Second Course - "Anger/temper/volcanic"

The volcanic scenes are represent heat and anger.  Diners will be introduced to a charcoal, chicken slider with a mix of chilli garnishes, that they serve themselves depending on their spice level.  The encapsulates the tone of the course symbolising volcanic ash (in the bun) and anger (through chilli spices).


Main Course - "Sadness/nostalgia through water"

The emotion of sadness, symbolised through water, is translated as a perfectly cooked piece of fish sitting on cucumber, apple and lime juice sauce (symbolising a lily pad).  A delicate dish for a delicate emotion. 


Dessert - "Love"

The decadent ingredient is the epitome of love.  It is the symbol of passion, love, and commitment.  It is also seen as a mood elevator.  What better way to end the story, than a double chocolate dessert with rose petals.  A gluten free and dairy free chocolate cake with a vegan chocolate sorbet hits all the notes for a grand finale!

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